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Hello, Thank you for taking the time to apply to become a streamer

Please ensure you have a mic, Microphones are mandatory and should be used during every stream, If you don't have a mic then you won't be accepted.

Who are you?

Please enter your chatango user name in full.

How old are you ?

We have an age limit of 14 before you can be a streamer at MLG. Please enter your age.

What do you want to stream?

Please give us a summary of the type of games you plan to stream, And what hours (+timezone) you will be able to stream.

How fast is your internet?

We need to take a look at your internet speed to ensure you are able to provide optimal streams without any lag.

To get a speed test result please go Here, Click the "begin test" button Once the test is finished click the share results button. Copy the link it gives you and paste it into the input box below.

What kind of setup do you have?

To run a dxdiag report follow the steps below:
If you are running Windows XP or higher go to your task bar.
Click on, "Start Button".
Click on, "Run".
In the pop-up window enter dxdiag and hit ok.
The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear.
Click on, "Save all information tab".
Save As" window should be present.
Click on, "Save" (The file should be saved to your desktop as dxdiag ensure it is in a .txt format)
Close the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
Upload the file you just generated using the box below

Last but not least

Do you have a capture card ?

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