Rules & Guidelines

Main Site Rules (chat) (bannable offenses):

  1. No CP
  2. No Gore
  3. No Brony/Furry
  4. No Spamming
  5. No Harassment
  6. No Impersonating Streamers or Admins
  7. No cross-advertising other sites
  8. If arguments get too heated, take them out of chat
  9. Don't bring up personal shit
  10. No annoying backgrounds or black text

Chat mods: You can only ban for these reasons. File a ban report for each person banned. Unless they are anons. Ban reports can be filed in the admin panel.

Guidelines for Streamers:

  1. Do not stream porn. In game nudity is ok as long as it's not a pornographic game.
  2. Do not stream dungeon crawlers
  3. Do not stream sports games unless approved
  4. Do not stream MOBAs (LoL, DOTA, etc.)
  5. Do not stream card games (Duel of Planeswalkers, etc.)
  6. Do not stream MMORPGs
  7. Cooking streams are encouraged
  8. You must be able to read chat
  9. You must have a microphone and be able to speak to chat
  10. Involve the audience if possible (name characters after people in chat, etc.)
  11. Drinking games for streams are encouraged. Drinking on stream is allowed.
  12. No hard drugs on stream
  13. Do not beg for games
  14. Do not interfere with someone else's stream (do not rush streamers off, do not use studio, streamjacking, etc.)
  15. Make/bump threads if you can change your IP address
  16. Ask anons to make chatango accounts and like social media pages
  17. Maximum of two streamers playing one game at the same time
  18. Music is allowed unless chat complains

Games On Cooldown:

  1. Left For Dead 1/2
  2. Dark Souls 1/2
  3. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Rules for Videos:

  1. Movies are allowed to be streamed when a game stream is going, but do not steal viewers from the game
  2. No offensive movies (A Serbian Film, El Topo, etc.)
  3. No threads for movies. Do not advertise.

How to apply:

  1. Submit application
  2. If application is approved, a streamer may choose to sponsor you
  3. If sponsor is obtained, watch our youtube video on how to stream
  4. Sponsor will conduct a brief interview to get to know you
  5. Sponsor will then give you an equipment test. Once equipment test is complete, you will be added to streamer roster.
  6. There is a 24 streaming hour probationary period. Once 24 hours has been completed, you will gain access to admin panel.

Streamers Dibs
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