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Official Canadian representative
Lee Last streamed: Luigi's Mansion Hours on record: 228 hours 50 minutes Skype: Lee.Scott177 Last Seen: 3 weeks ago
Bringing streams to you by myself or with the assistance of my friend Aaron.
Timillionair Last streamed: BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Hours on record: 1140 hours 42 minutes Last Seen: 15 hours ago
This nigga crunk
RastaPanda Last streamed: Destiny 2 Hours on record: 400 hours 48 minutes Last Seen: 15 hours ago
Music strammer
2wat1 Last streamed: Trying to stalk things Hours on record: 1471 hours 49 minutes Last Seen: 18 hours ago
Top Gear 2 is dead, and I killed it. I'm still the worst streamer on this site, though. A tenth of my hours are probably just me setting up my own stream, tbh.
RallyFTW Last streamed: Tetris Hours on record: 521 hours 37 minutes Skype: TheRallyFTW Last Seen: 2 weeks ago
Shad0wslayer Last streamed: Injustice 2 Hours on record: 101 hours 47 minutes Last Seen: 3 days ago
I might stream something sometime... maybe.
Pyp Last streamed: Fallout: New Vegas Hours on record: 16 hours 23 minutes Last Seen: 1 week ago
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