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Great set of tits, loves classic games, streams new console releases (His tits aint that great - ZRJ)
Jaded Last streamed: shooting the darks Hours on record: 1965 hours 52 minutes Last Seen: 1 week ago
I prefer shitting on people, long walks on the beach as well as making sexual advances towards anything that moves. So come play L4D2 with me
Bubblefett Last streamed: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Hours on record: 2650 hours 44 minutes Last Seen: 4 days ago
Official Canadian representative
Lee Last streamed: Superhot Hours on record: 236 hours 30 minutes Skype: Lee.Scott177 Last Seen: 3 days ago
Video game streaming sensation. Gets million dollar checks from Jaded regularly. Likes Pringle cans.
Timillionair Last streamed: Rocket League Hours on record: 1342 hours 38 minutes Last Seen: 18 hours ago
This nigga crunk
RastaPanda Last streamed: Tom Clancy's The Division Hours on record: 537 hours 45 minutes Last Seen: 3 days ago
2wat1 Last streamed: Audiosurf 2 Hours on record: 1475 hours 43 minutes Last Seen: 20 hours ago
I am in constant pain.
Bashimono Mitsuhide Last streamed: Hero Siege Hours on record: 520 hours 6 minutes Skype: Sean.Bizzness Last Seen: 58 minutes ago
Master Mechanic. Has completed the most games on stream than any other streamer on this site. Habitual streamjacker.
H8BitHero Last streamed: Gears of War 4 Hours on record: 1249 hours 11 minutes Last Seen: 1 week ago
Top Gear 2 is dead, and I killed it. I'm still the worst streamer on this site, though. A tenth of my hours are probably just me setting up my own stream, tbh.
RallyFTW Last streamed: Rocket League Hours on record: 563 hours 22 minutes Skype: TheRallyFTW Last Seen: 5 days ago
I'm a rapist and a doctor who hates non-whites. If I like you, you'll receive an invitation to my basement.
DrChicka Last streamed: Chivalry: Medival Warfare Hours on record: 283 hours 2 minutes Last Seen: 5 days ago
It's what's for dinner.
TheMightyZsasz Last streamed: Grim Fandango Hours on record: 175 hours 22 minutes Last Seen: 2 weeks ago
I might stream something sometime... maybe.
Pyp Last streamed: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Hours on record: 14 hours 44 minutes Last Seen: 2 weeks ago
Shennaniganz Last streamed: Life Is Strange Hours on record: 3 hours 32 minutes Last Seen: 3 weeks ago
Laying pipe at your moms house
BigD Last streamed: Cities: Skylines Hours on record: 19 hours 5 minutes Last Seen: 1 day ago
I breed hedgehogs and I play games. Deal with it.
Idako Last streamed: Raft Hours on record: 53 hours 49 minutes Last Seen: 22 hours ago
cptmudkip Last streamed: Hearthstone Hours on record: 5 hours 17 minutes Last Seen: 6 days ago
Bonzi Last streamed: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Hours on record: 0 hours 25 minutes Last Seen: 1 week ago
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